Monday, March 26, 2012

Unlock HTC Rezound Bootloader For Mac Users With HTC Dev

If your device is HTC Rezound and you are using a Mac operating system, you are in luck because you can unlock the HTC Rezound bootloader with HTC Dev as the one of the XDA members, named xjedi has posted a tutorial to unlock HTC Rezound bootloader for Mac OS X users.

And the reasons of his releasing this method is, according his words, because:

HTC Rezound Device
I had trouble unlocking the bootloader on my iMac but got it to work.

Just posting this to help out my fellow Mac Heads who’ve turned from the evil iPhone.

So as Mac users now there is a help to get you out from not being able to unlock your device bootlader, and also supports to deal with the general errors and also troubleshooting for Mac users who usually don't get plus you can properly install the Android SDK.

One more thing, just because it is clearly written for the HTC Rezound, but don't worry as long as your device are compatible with HTC Dev then you are set.

Interested to follow the tutorial? You can visit the XDA forum thread to get the guide.


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