Tuesday, December 20, 2011

80% Discount For Motorola XOOM Accessories In Verizon Stores

If you are planning to buy some accessories for your new Motorola XOOM this week, I think today is the right time, because the Droid Life readers recently reported that his journey to the local Verizon store had brought him into the unexpected yet fortunate 80% discount for XOOM accessories. That's really a big discount.
Motorola XOOM Accessories Big Discount

And he further reported that you can get the Standard Dock for only $10 from its original price tag $50 and HD dock with speakers is priced only for $20 from its normal price $90.

This big discount is probably because of the release of Xyboard tablets to which forcing Verizon and Motorola to clean up the old stock of XOOM accessories. So here is your chance to get the accessories of your wish, or you can get them as gifts to your loved ones who own XOOM in this Christmas.

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