Saturday, December 17, 2011

How To Unlock Motorola Xoom Bootloader For Roms Flashing Recovery

You can unlock the Motorola XOOM bootloader using the "fastboot oem unlock" easily and of course thanks to the Android enthusiasts from XDA forum because of them to unlock the Motorola XOOM bootloader is possible. And in this post I have elaborated the steps for you to follow.
Unlock Motorola XOOM Bootloader Picture

Words for cautious before going:
  1. 1. This unlocking will deprive your new XOOM. That means you will negate to upgrade to 4G LTE, however no confirmation on this yet.
  2. Your XOOM will be formatted and wiped out.
  3. This Motorola XOOM bootloader unlocking process takes adb.

What you need:

1. The newest version of Motorola USB drivers.
2. install the newest version of Android SDK.

  1. 1. Inside the Android SDK Tools folder, you need to open a command prompt.
    *Don't select anything there but hold SHIFT+Right click – and choose “Open command window here.”
  2. Type this: adb reboot bootloader
  3. Now you will see that your XOOM will take reboot into the bootloader using “Starting Fastboot Protocol Support.”
  4. Now Type this: fastboot oem unlock
  5. Make sure to read the warning on XOOM's screen.
  6. Tap Volume Down to switch it to “Accept.”
  7. Now press Volume Up to actually “Accept.”
  8. After you have accepted, you will see that your XOOM will be unlocked and formatted.
  9. And now on to rooting instructions: How to Root the Motorola XOOM.
Via: XDA Dev.

Once you have done the bootloader unclocking and rooting your Motorola, then you can continue install Android Ice Cream to your XOOM device.


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