Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jailbreak Apple TV 2G 4.4.4 With Seas0nPass For Mac OS

Now is the tutorial to jailbreak Apple Tv 4.4.4 with SeasOnPass for Mac user, and for those who are using Windows OS you can visit the tutorial here. Anyway, SeasOnPass is a jailbreak tool of FireCore dev-team that is solely created to jailbreak Apple tv firmware, and currently it's for version 4.4.4.

Let's get into the jailbreak business guys.

Jailbreak Appl Tv 4.4.4 firmware with Seas0nPass for Mac

The process of jaibreaking for Mac OS is almost identical for Windows, however in the Mac you need to enable UI Scripting.

1. Download Seas0nPass, if you have not. Here is the download LINK. And then extract the app by double clicking on it and after it's extracted, then run Seas0nPass exe app.

Seas0nPass App

And for the first time users, enable the UI script first.

2. When the Seas0nPass is launched, you will be presented with two options: Create IPSW and Boot Tethered. Since this is your first time then choose Create IPSW (do this: hold the option menu and the select Create IPSW, and continue your step by selecting the firmware version which is Apple TV version 4.4.4 firmware).

Create IPSW And Boot Tether

3. Now SeasonPass will start jailbreaking your IPSW firmware. Wait until it's finished.

4.Once the process of creating the custom IPSW is entirely done, Seas0nPass will be prompting you to connect your Apple TV 2G to your computer, and then put it into DFU mode. And after your Apple Tv is on DFU mode, iTunes will be automatically launched in order to start the restoring firmware.

Put your Apple Tv 2G into DFU Mode:

Hold the Menu and Play/Pause buttons together for about 7 seconds.

5. Congratulation now you have Apple Tv 2G jailbreaking on 4.4.4 firmware.

Now it's time to boot thethered your Apple Tv with Seas0nPass

To boot tether your Apple tv, launch the Seas0nPass again and then select or click the Boot Tether Option (see the step 2 picture) and then put your Apple Tv 2G into DFU mode.

Note: it's recommended to at least disconnecting your Apple TV for a while after iTunes restoring the firmware. This will get the boot process the most of it.


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