Friday, December 16, 2011

Complete How To Guide: Jailbreak Apple TV 4.4.4 Firmware Using Seas0nPass On IOS 5

Here is a how to guide to tethered jailbreak the latest Apple Tv firmware 4.4.4 on Apple TV 2G using the Seas0nPass, which is the latest release and also a response from FireCore Dev-Team toward the firmware release. And however these steps to jailbreak your Apple Tv 4.4.4 on iOS 5 for Windows only.

So let's jailbreak it:

Jailbreak Apple Tv 2G 4.4.4 Firmware With Seas0nPass

1. If you have not downloaded the Seas0npass, then download the tool from this link (Windows).

2. After the Seas0nPass is downloaded to your PC, of course now you need to extract it in order to use the content within it

3. Now, double-click on the SeasOnPass icon to launched.

Seas0nPass EXE

4. Now you will be seeing two options on your screen one says Create IPSW and the others is Boot Tethered. However, if your Apple Tv have already been jailbroken then you can select the Booth Tethered option. But if this is the first time, then go with Create IPSW option. See the image below:

Two Options Create IPSW or Boot Tethered Seas0nPass


5. Create IPSW, in the previous Seas0nPass you don't need to do this because the process was automatic which the tool will automatically download the latest IPSW for you. However since we are no jailbreak iOS 5, you need to hold the Shift key on Windows keyboard and then select the Create IPSW option. See the image:

Browse The Apple Tv Firmware

6. Now your custom IPSW is being created by Seas0nPass, so power off your Apple Tv -- unplug it from the power cable. It takes about 10 minutes of waiting until Seas0nPass prompts you to reconnect your Apple TV to your PC.

Seas0nPass Create IPSW Firmware

7. Now get your micr-USB cable to plug it into your computer and Apple Tv. However, don't plug into power cable, and then iTunes will be opening, close it right away.

Now put your Apple Tv into DFU Mode -- by holding the Menu and Play/Pause buttons together for about 7 seconds.

Apple Tv Into DFU Mode

8. When Seas0nPass has finished its jobs, now it's time for iTunes restoring the custom IPSW file in automatic manner. Then click yes. This process is fully automatic, just wait until it's entirely finished.

After iTunes entirely finished restoring the Apple Tv on iOS 5, now plugin the power and then connect the unit to your PC.

iTunes restore FIRMWARE

9. Congratulation now you have managed to jailbreak Apple Tv 4.4.4 firmware on iOS 5 with Seas0nPass.

Now it's time to boot thethered your Apple Tv with Seas0nPass

Now it's time to boot thethered your Apple Tv with Seas0nPass, launch the Seas0nPass again and then select or click the Boot Tether Option (see the step 3 picture) and then put your Apple Tv 2G into DFU mode. Note: it's recommended to at least disconnecting your Apple TV for a while after iTunes restoring the firmware. This will get the boot process the most of it..

Update: To jailbreak Apple Tv Version 4.4.4 for Mac using Seas0nPass.


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