Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How To Use Siri To Send Message To Multiple People At Once

Here is another tips to better communicate with Siri -- or actually to use Siri in more efficient manner. Perhaps you have not noticed that the Siri that is integrated with your iPhone 4s can do more than you thought -- one of which can be seen in my previous post: improve Siri dictation on iPhone 4s -- and now I just discovered that you can send messages to number of people or friends at once.
Siri Sends Message To Multiple Friends

All it takes is "And", yes say that word when you plan to deliver or send message to more than one persons. Like to your mother, father, wife, children or friend.

Here is how you do it, let's say you want your message sent to 4 people. Then dictate this line to Siri:

Send message to my mother and wife and son and James.
If Siri responds your dictation with this:
What do you want to say to these six people?
It means you are on the right track, you can continue dictate the rest of the message and Siri will be sending it to the said names at the same time. Moreover this method can also be used to send email to multiple persons at once. The keyword is "AND" don't forget that, because it will save your time.

Source: When Will Apple.


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