Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Apple Tested Siri On iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G

Latest report from JailbreakNation saying that Apple is testing Siri to the older versions of iOSDevice (iPhone 4) and so far the result is not disappointing, instead satisfying enough by which rising a speculation that in the future iOS firmware update we will see Siri in there for iPhone 4.

Siri On iPhone 4

Somehow, Siri is not the sole reason to motivates people to buy the mobile phone, and iPhone 4S comes with number of new remarkable features and software. But remember iPhone 4S can only do a few things that the iPhone 4 can’t.

Anyway here's the report from JailbreakNation:

Apple Test Siri On Older Devices iPhone 4
Another report said, beside the iPhone 4 Apple also tested on the iPod touch 4G, the result was not too disappointing, however the test has found that the sound of the iPod touch 4G microphone is less good than the iPhone microphone.

If all the reports are true, it will add another reasons for people to cancel buying iPhone 4s, and wait for the release of iPhone 5 or instead increase the sale of iPhone 4.


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