Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Facebook Smartphone "Buffy" Based On Android

Remember over a year a go, Facebook is issued to build a Smartphone by TechCrunch Mike Arrington, later on through their spokesman Jaime Schopflin, Facebook denied building a smartphone. However Arrington offered another possibility that the social networking company is not building a hardware of the phone -- that job is handed to the third party manufacturer -- but they are working on the phone's software like Google with Nexus Phone.
Facebook Smartphone Buffy
And it looks like the company really is planning to build a smartphone, teaming up with HTC and the device is expected to be launched in 2013.

It is reported that the device they are working on is named "Buffy", taken the name of  the vampire slayer TV series, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. And it will use an Android's modified version as its operating system.

And likely we will be seeing Facebook's service integration with HTML 5 support in this modified version.

However Buffy is not a pioneer smartphone that is set with deep integration of Facebook service. Giant technology companies like Motoroal, Inq Mobile and HTC have preceded it with dedicated FB features bundled.

Let me know your thoughts about this upcoming Facebook smartphone codenamed Buffy.


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