Saturday, January 15, 2011

Change Android HTC Android Phone Dial Pad Key and Background Colors

In case you wish to change the HTC Android device's dial pad key and background and keys colors, then doing so it's pretty easy. We can use ADB and a 7-zip file archive tool.

Thanks to a XDA member, namely Pack, who have posted the step-by-step guide to modify and change Android HTC Android phone dial pad key and background colors.

1: Plug your phone into your computer
2: Open a termial
3: Run ADB command: adb pull /system/framework/
4: Open
5: Navigate to /res/drawable-hdpi/
6: Locate phone_keypad_background.png and htc_pin_asset_rest.png
7: Replace with your preferred color choices
8: Go back to your terminal
9: Run ADB command: adb push /system/framework/


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