Friday, September 17, 2010

Is Newsday Forced By Apple To Stop Broadcasting Its Flypaper iPad App Ad?

Newsday is forced to stop broadcasting its new iPad app ad, not sure about the reasoning, but it might be because it's using iPad as the fly killer, while we know exactly Apple did not make that tablet computer for that purpose. As the result, all of the humorous ad video are removed including the copies from Youtube.

NewsDay Com iPad App
The Long Island and New York City News Source gave the official notification concerning this issue, yet no words on "why it's removed" unveiled:

"We have taken the commercial 'Flypaper' down and its short, glorious run appears to be over."

But anonymous Tipster (could be a Newsday employee) sent an email to NetworkWorld that also confirming the NetworkWorl's speculation that Apple might be behind the sudden disappearance of the Newsday's iPad app ad video from YouTube:

"Newsday got a cease and desist letter threatening all of our apps, if we did not remove the commercial immediately. They took exception to the fact that the (iPad) glass shattered into large jagged pieces ... Your instincts are correct."

I am not sure whether the email is authentic but it makes sense to me. If you have not seen the iPhone app ad video of Newsday yet, you can watch the copy of it below, hope it's not going to be removed again in the future as people say Apple has 0 sense of humor as far as its product is concerned.

So the question remains: Is Newsday Forced By Apple To Stop Broadcasting Its Flypaper iPad App Ad?


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