Friday, September 17, 2010

Will White iPhone 4 Be Released This Christmas?

Will white iPhone 4 be released this Christmas? The question will probably come out from our minds after reading the emails of a guy named Nathan and Steve Jobs. Nathan is questioning the Apple CEO concerning what is the exact time of release for white iPhone 4.

As we have known Apple has been delaying to release this most awaited iDevice, and there is no official announcement as to when it will be released, except the reason for delay I once red is making White glass components take more challenging manufacturing process than the Black one.

For those who can't wait any longer to get their hand on iPhone 4, decided to opted for black, it's about color yet for some people it's important.

And this Nathan's email which is assumed as the unofficial announcement that White iPhone 4 will be available for Christmas does make sense, considering it's the time when people will spend a lot of money for stuffs they wanted, White iPhone 4 is one of the stuffs. Let's read the Nathan's email and Steve Job's reply below:
Email About White iPhone 4

Nathan's emai:
Hello Steve, My name is Nathan, I’m a high school student from San Bernardino. I also happen to be one of your biggest fan and a total Apple fanboy and proud to be :)
I’ve been saving up money to buy the new iphone 4. I want the white one but Apple said it won’t be available until later this year. I know you must be asked this question hundreds of times a day but do you think we can expect to get the white iphone for xmas?
I hope you can answer. Thank you Steve.

Steve Job's reply:

Christmas is later this year.

I am not really sure whether it's the authentic Steve Job's email, thus I don't want to take this email exchange as the confirmation. Beside, Steve Job's reply could be about something else, about white Christmas may be?:P

Source: RedmondPie.


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