Sunday, July 8, 2012

Transfer iPhone Or iPod Playlist To iTunes

There is a short trip also an easy way to transfer iPhone or iPod music playlist to iTunes. You are free to follow the steps below for transferring the playlist of your iOS device to iTunes installed on your computer.

How to transfer iPhone or iPod music playlist to iTunes

1. Plug your iOS devices, whether it's iPhone or iPod, to your compute.
2. On Device menu, get the playlist you wish to transfer to your PC and then right-click on its name, continue your step by selecting Export.
Export iPhone Playlist
3. Now you need to name the playlist and choose the XML as the filetype format, then save the file anywhere you think is easy to be found, desktop is the proper one.
XML iPhone Playlist
4. Now go to the File menu, then to Library to select Import Playlist. Choose the XML playlist you previously exported and done!

5. Finish.

Now your iPhone or iPod playlist is stored in iTunes of your computer, you can get it on the Playlist menu. It's recommended for you to have the music featured in the playlist within iTunes for the playlist to work.

Via OSXDaily.


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