Monday, September 27, 2010

Demo Video Of Test Version Of SHAtter-Based Jailbreak On iPod touch 4G iOS 4.1

Video Test Version Of SHAtter-Based Jailbreak. This is probably one of the most awaited things, after or before the release of iOS 4.2 (the final version) in November, for iPhone and iPod users, it is the update news related to iOS 4.1 jailbreak tool (SHAtter). Albeit it's not released yet, at least we are told openly that the jailbreak tool for all iOS 4.1 iDevices is almost finished and ready to be released soon.

Today iPhone Dev-team has presented to us a demo video of test version of SHAtter-based jailbreak, which is showing iPod touch 4G being jailbroken running on iOS 4.1 firmware by the help of SHAtter exploit who was discovered firstly by pod2g whose decided to work independently. So here is the video:

It is still on beta testing version yet the SHAtter exploit was able to convince the iPod touch 4G to restore custom IPSW. As we have already seen the details on the video above. And here is the quotation from Dev-Team blog in case you might want to read:

In the meantime, we’ve put @pod2g’s exploit into a beta version of PwnageTool to test the waters. The SHAtter exploit was enough to convince the iPod touch 4G to restore to our custom IPSW. The successful result is shown below! It’s all working: customized Preferences to show battery percentage, Cydia, root shell…the works!

It will be released soon, soon be patient, judging from what we've seen on the video it's going to be soon, perhaps real soon before November as is said to be Released before the IOS 4.2 released


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