Monday, September 20, 2010

Pod2g, Hacker Who Found Shatter Exploit Leaving Chronic Dev Team

Here is the latest and related news on the SHAtter exploit, it's not about the progressing news of the supposed jailbreak tool (Greenpois0n) actually, but it's about the one who found the exploit, pod2g, decided to work independently or in other he is no longer affiliated with jailbreak developer, Chronic Dev Team. This unexpected news appeared from pod2g tweet recently:
Pod2G Twitter
There is no lengthy explanation given by him as to why he left, since Twitter limits only 140 characters. But in the other tweet, the guy explained shortly concerning his leaving from the jailbreak tool team:

Pod2g Twitter

He also ensures us his leaving won't affect the progress of the currently working GreenPois0n tool, you can see the screenshot below from his tweet:

Pod2g Tweet

Pod2g is the hacker who invented the low-level exploit and to be used for the next iOS 4.1 jailbreak tool which is GreenPois0n that is currently be working on.

Source: RedmondPie.


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