Monday, September 27, 2010

Windows Phone 7 US Launch Will Be On November 8 This Year?

Albeit it can be categorized as another rumor, but it's more credible for the source of which telling the launch of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 will be on November, 8 in the US and in this year is a reliable source, according Paul Thurrott

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Platform

It was Paul Thurrott discussion with a trusted source who brought this news, and he also confirmed about the October Microsoft event which will be held on October 11 in New York, but it's not going to be about Windows Phone 7 mobile platform.

If you are a European asking, then when will the Windows platform be launched to our continent? Unfortunately the European launch was not leaked too, but it could be before the US launch, who knows?

Windows Phone 7 launch date news that Paul brought here has added another rumor to the already circulating rumors which have been the subject of many speculations, Microsoft seems to enjoy about it.


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