Sunday, September 26, 2010

Apple Has Patented Advanced Camera Flash System Recently

Apple has patented advanced camera flash system recently, and it's applying to flash redirectors and new imaging sensors. And the technology is probably going to be applied or integrated to other Apple products, from desktop, laptop until their iOS based devices.

With flash re-directors we will be able to select on certain areas of scene to illuminated, instead presenting blanket lighting for the entire picture. The patent allows for a movable light source, a lens that redirects a fixed light source, or multiple flashes, which can either be automatically aimed at certain elements of the picture, or controlled by the photographer.

Previously the company put improvement toward its iPhone range's photographic capabilities with the launch of the iOS 4.1 firmware, as the result, iPhone users can have high dynamic functionality. With high dynamic range capability the iPhone needs various version from one picture to be combined into a single image with almost perfect color tone and balance.

It seems Apple file a patent for any idea from their head and then actualize it into "something" :)

Via: Telegraph Co.Uk


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