Sunday, April 29, 2012

Want To Disable Facebook TimeLine?

Facebook TimeLine is a dear for some users, but also a disaster for others. People can activate it, yet unable to deactivate it once it's enabled. As the result, there is no turning back for people who finally feel this new kind of FB profile is a holocaust. Because you can restore to your old profile.

But no worry, there is a solution for you to get rid the Facebook timeline of from your view -- precisely appears from your browser. You can now disable Facebook TimeLine now, after you activate the feature that Facebook proudly introduced last year.

You can try what TimeLine Remove extension's offer, after this extension is installed it will hide the timeline from your view only and bring back the old Facebook profile style of yours. But remember, the switch is only view-able by you not for all people. Your friends or anyone who land to your profile still see the holocaust = TimeLine.

Disable Facebook TimeLine

TimeLine Remove extension supports four giant browsers; Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer. You can grab and install it from this site and switch your Facebook profile from TimeLine to the classic profile.


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