Friday, March 16, 2012

How To Activate Or Enable Facebook TimeLine Fast And Easy

Here is a quick tips to activate the Facebook TimeLine fast and easy of course. As we already know that Facebook has made TimeLine available worldwide this month, which means any logged Facebook users can view your new and shinny profile page, no matter they are listed in your friends list or not.

Facebook TimeLine will make your profile more personal and interesting, with all your data appears at once and huge header photo of yourself.

I like this feature, and I am glad that Facebook has made it available worldwide and offered a very quick way to activate or enable this feature -- unlike previously we got to need text verification and other not cool steps.

Enable or activate the Facebook TimeLine:

Facebook TimeLine

1. Log in to your Facebook account.
2. And then visit this link (Facebook link), and then you can watch the video or you can directly click the Get TimeLine green button at the page bottom.

Get TimeLine

3. A new page will appear, this is a preview TimeLine page of your. In this page you can upload the image for your header (cover image). You can use photos from your FB albums or from your computer. You can drag the photo to get the proper position. Once you are satisfied with your chosen photo, don't forget to save it.

4. Once everything is ready to go, then click Publish button to enable the FB TimeLine.

Publish FB TimeLine

5. Hitting the Publish Now will instantly publish your TimeLine -- or if you want to master it, it's advisable to take tour to learn more about this feature.

That would be all, I hope this tips to enable or activate Facebook TimeLine useful for you.


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