Sunday, April 29, 2012

How To Create Animated GIF Images From PNG, GIF, JPG Images

Creating an animated picture is always fun, there are number of great software available you can use for that purpose. But for a beginner, sometimes they find it too complicated to operate the software while they only want to make a simple animated picture or image from number of pictures. If that so, there is a free and small size of app namely AnimateGif that you can utilize to create animation from your images.

AnimateGif is available for free and your rescuer to solve the problem and easily also instantly create animated GIF images. Simply download the app, and then launch the .exe file within the zip file, and you will be presented with very simple and easy to operate interface like this.

Just drag and drop your images whether they are in .gif, .png, or .jpg / .jpeg format on the provided area and then hit the Animate button for this application to start animating your images.

Are you interested? Then go to its developer home site to download AnimateGif utility for Windows OS, the size of it is only 96,22 KB.


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