Thursday, April 19, 2012

Download Quick ADB Pusher: A Great App For Android Device

Command line tools can be quite scary for average Android users to use. The appearance of it immediately poses an impression for expert only utility. So it's not surprising if dealing with command line tools are regarded as a daunting activities and avoided. But doing so you'll miss number of benefit offered by it.

To take non-expert users out from scratching their head when they are trying to communicate with their devices, an XDA member, Goatschocker has created an application namely Quick ADB Pusher.

With Quick ADB Pusher, instead of facing the real appearance of command prompt, you will be presented with a friendly GUI that would make you feel comfortable knowing how easily things can be done to improve your Android phone device and transferring data to certain locations within it or to pc.

Now you can simply doing a drag and drop effortlessly to transfer file to preferred location, and there is a window notification message telling you whether the transfer was successful or instead failed with a clear explanation why it failed.

Quick ADB Pusher

  • Push file to any location on your device.
  • Drag-drop the file you want to transfer to your device, or use the browse-function.
  • Information window which tells you if the transfer was completed or, if not, tells you what went wrong.
  • Console output window for debug purposes/additional information which is lacking in the info-view.
  • An ugly graphical interface.
  • No more unmounting/mounting of your SD card just to transfer that small file you forgot!
  • A pretty progress bar that does nothing but tell you that the program hasnt frozen!

Interested? You can head to this link to download Quick ADB Pusher (Google Docs link).

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