Thursday, April 5, 2012

Download OS7 Theme To Install Windows Phone 7 Theme On iPhone Or iPod Touch

In case you don't like Windows Phone 7, but like the official device theme and want it to install it to your iPhone then you can taste what the iPhone theme creator namely wyndwarrior offers. The guy brings to an OS7 theme, that can be install to jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch.

In my humble opinion the OS7 theme is awesome and elegant theme. It will add more prettiness to your iOS devices. Once you've installed it your will see the Pin app in order to Start Menu or unpin it. And below is what OS7 features you will get if it's installed to your iPod Touch or iPhone.

Features of OS7 theme:
  • No Iconoclasm
  • No Infiniboard
  • No SpringJumps
  • No WinterBoard
  • No Setup Required
  • No Missing Icons (Auto-create)
And this what your iPhone will look using OS7 theme.

Interested? This is a how to install.

1. Launch Cydia, then search BackBoard and install it.

2. Launch BackBoard, then click the + and then fill any name, followed with clicking Crate button. This step to backup your existing iPhone state.

3. Use Safari browser, click on this link: backboard://

4. The link will open BackBoard.

5. You will be prompted by BackBoard to download OS7 theme, select yes and then wait for the downloading to finish.

6. Click Dismiss button once it's done.

7. Now you can choose the OS7 in Backboard. Then click Install. Respring.

Done you have managed to install OS7 Theme, the Windows 7 Theme for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

And see you in another posts.


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