Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Download Skype Update That Supports Retina Display On New iPad

Skype recently updated their Skype app for iPad. The main purpose of this update is simply to bring support for the New iPad's Retina Display. Since Skype is quite popular among iPad users, and while at the same time this third generation of iPad is currently being sold in over 35 countries, therefore Skype will not let the chance go away but pushing the update to support the said device.

As usual this Skype app for iPad is available to download for free in iTunes App Store. As I have mentioned in the first paragraph that this update for bringing support to Retina Display on the New iPad, if your iPad generation is older than that, no need for you to grab this update.

Skype App For iPad 3

Having iPad 3 (New iPad) in your hand? Then download Skype app for the new iPad on the iTunes App Store.

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