Monday, February 20, 2012

Sync To MultiPle iTunes Libraries Easily With MultiTunes

Do you want to sync to MultiPle iTunes Libraries easily? Some of us might be disliking the restriction to sync to multiple iTunes libraries, that leaves us no chance but to sync to one library only. Albeit the release of iCloud and also iTunes Match make the syncing process easier without the need of a computer.

But what if we want to sync to our brother or friend library from their computer? The iCloud can help you in that situation.

So to deal with the situation, we are given a Cydia tweak namely MultiTunes, released by Harrison Apps LLC for free. With MultTunes tweak you can sync to multiple iTunes library, no matter how many.

MultiTunes To Sync MultiPle iTunes Library

Once you installed the tweak, a new app on your device appears, you can then add also manage your number of libraries.

To sync to other's iTunes, simply open the app, and then place a new library, choose it. Then it's all done! So, easy, right?

And hope this post helps and see you again in another post.


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