Friday, February 10, 2012

How To Enable Face Unlock On Galaxy Nexus

Have you enabled face unlock on Samsung Galaxy Nexus of yours? You should if you want to unlock your phone using your face camera. It's awesome, and your friend might be amazed with the new feature of Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Therefore, do you want to add this face unlock on your Galaxy Nexus? If so, you can follow the steps and they are easy to follow.

Enable or add face unlock to Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Face Unlock Galaxy Nexus
  1. Pick Settings on Home Screen of your device.
  2. Choose security on the Settings menu and then select unlock.
  3. In this phase, select face unlock from the options.
  4. Setup the photo you wish to use for device unlocking. Now see the camera, and line up your face on area that you are able to see on the screen.
  5. Don't smile and just see the camera. Anyway it's recommended to add a pin number, this can be used if your device unable to recognize your face.
  6. When you have done with the above step, now make a test by looking at your Nexus device front camera to unlock it. If it doesn't recognize your, then enter your pin number.


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