Friday, February 10, 2012

Use Voice To Dictate And Send Message On Galaxy Nexus

Hey do you want to have a feature like Siri on your Galaxy Nexus? Don't get me wrong, I am not saying porting Siri to your Galaxy Nexus or other activities that could bring the entire Siri ability to your Nexus.

Instead we will be using the pre-installed voice recognition tool from your device, that you can use to send SMS by your voice, not using keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Voice Message
As we already know that Galaxy Nexus brings a handy voice recognition ability that allow us to use voice to dictate and send text messages.

So here is the step by step to dictate and send text messages using your voice on Nexus.
  • Open your messaging on home screen or anywhere it's placed or via settings.
  • Choose compose message to start with writing message.
  • Now hit the button of microphone.
  • Press it and record your message using voice, speak loud and clear to prevent confusion.
  • Review the written text, to check for errors.
  • If everything is okey, then send the message by pressing send.

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