Thursday, January 12, 2012

Transformer TF101 Will Receive ICS Update In Early Februray

A disappointing news for Asus Transformer TF101 owners because the ICS update for your device is postponed until early February next month.

The notification of this unwanted news came from ASUS Singapore and as abrogation too from their previous promise to bring ICS update on TF101 tomorrow.

Their recent notification via Facebook is telling that the ICS availability for TF101 must be firstly approved by Google, and it's going to take sometimes until the end of this month. Which makes the ICS update for TF101 is available on February.

Here is Asus Singapore notification via Facebook concerning this issue.

ASUS Singapore TF101 ICS Updated Delayed

This has canceled the previous hope that the Original Transformer TF101 will receive ICS update days after January 12, once the ICS rolled out for the Transformer Prime.

And the first ICS update will be arriving to North America and Taiwan first, and then to the rest of the globe. Therefore just wait for the early February to come, it is only over two weeks ahead and be ready to grab the ICS!


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