Monday, January 9, 2012

Siri for iPad and iPad 3?

As I previously mentioned on my iOS 5.0.1 beta 3 post that more hidden secrets will be uncovered along with tireless and immediate delving of developers who got their hand on this developer version iOS.

Just in and still hot, 9ToMac has disclosed -- or precisely speculated -- a thing that will be liked much by the upcoming iPad 3 owner, Siri for iPad 3.

Siri for iPad and iPad 3?

Albeit it is regarded containing less new features or lack of hints, iOS 5.1 beta apparently still has something interesting to deal with.

Along with its tipster, namely Sonny Dickson, 9toMac while digging deeper into the newly released iOS firmware to find iPad settings application, instead they discovered a fresh area in called "About Privacy and Dictation." in the keyboard division. (Click the image on the right of your screen for bigger screen).

So perhaps this will be an iOS 5.1 launch feature for the iPad, or it may be an iPad 3-exclusive feature; a similar process to the iPhone 4S exclusively gaining Siri and Siri Dictation support in iOS 5.0. We’re also hearing this link/document is also appearing on retina iPod touches as well.

Via: 9toMac.


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