Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sireet To Post Twitter Update Using Siri

Yesterday I promoted the upcoming Cydia tweak, named TwitMonster, a Siri add-on that allow you to update Twitter using Siri, looks like the another Tweak preceded it with the name Sireet, that can do similar job.

Once Sireet installed on your iPhone, you don't need to type anymore to update your Twitter, all can be done using your voice dictated to Siri, and it will deliver your message to Twitter almost instantly without a fuss.


Apple should thanks hackers and jailbreakers community, because by their efforts Siri is smarter and smarter everyday, we got VoiceUtils, SiriToggles, Siri Mic Colors and now Sireet. Siri can do many things that it couldn't before hackers put their heads to improve the voice assistant application.

Anyway do you wan to see Sireet in action? Go ahead.

Sireet it's released now under ModMy repository, of course your iPhone 4s must already jailbreak before take this tweak.


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