Tuesday, January 24, 2012

With TwitMonster You Can Tweet Using Siri

Did you know in the near future you can update your Twitter using Siri? Yes you will, once this Cydia tweak is made public, so what's it name? The 17 years old hacker who's developing it calls it TwitMonster.

It is been our wish to simply use our voice to post update to Twitter, it's cooler than typing, right? Thankfully, he knew our wish then decided to jump in putting his efforts to actualize our wish.
TwitMonster Siri Voice
TwitMonster is underway now, no ETA yet, but one thing for sure it's going to be a free tweak for all jailbroker  as long as their devices have Siri functionality and already jailbroke. Therefore jailbreak your iPhone 4s using Greenpois0n Absinthe 0.3 now.

Two notes deserve exposing are that currently the TwitMonster is unable to capitalize the first letter of the word, also there is no preview mode available to find out whether our message is correct before it's sent to Twitter. However those are only small bugs, that will definitively be eliminated once it's available for public.

Hope this post useful !


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