Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Who Deleted Me, Find Out Who Deleted You Or Unfriend You On Facebook

Do you want to know who have deleted you on Facebook? Someone close might have take you off from their friend list. Albeit that's not necessarily important in some case, if he or she decided to remove you means you no longer his or her friend, then who cares, it is their choice whether to keep you or dispose you. As long as we still be friend in real life, that would be fine.

But if you are kind of Facebook user who consider this is an important case and take it to the heart, then you can use an iPhone app named Who Deleted Me, that can serve your need to detect people that have put you out from their list or unfriend you.

From review I read that people not too happy with this app performance, it counts your friends number everyday, but not telling who has deleted you in the past this one of unhappy customer who has tried the app for $0.99.

Who Deleted Me

How about you, do you want to try who deleted me? Proceed to iTunes site then.


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