Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Latest News On ICS Update For Transformer TF101

This is the latest news concerning Android ICS update for the Original Transformer TF101, sorry to say this looks like you are going to wait more times for ICS to roll out to your TF101, as I just receive the news via the ASUS official Facebook saying their company is currently waiting an approval from Google.

The ICS appeal for your device is under approval process, and the company is promising soon it's granted they will immediately push it out for TF101.

And if you want to read the response from ASUS concerning this you can visit their Facebook page here.

Or here I give you a screenshot for a fast shortcut:
TF101 ICS Update FB ASUS

Well there is nothing we can do but waiting an approval from Google, I will keep you updated soon, the good news comes!


fresh information about update TF101 to ICS, Polish Asus just gave info:
"ICS 4.0.x Android on Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101G appears likely at the end of February"

it can be probably at the beginning of March.
original text (in Polish) on facebook asus polska

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