Monday, January 23, 2012

Get EVI Now And Bring The Best Siri-Like To Non-iPhone 4s And Android Phone

EVI voice assistant app for iOS and Android phone. Another Siri competitor and alternative was born, named EVI (known as The True Knowledge Answer Engine) to gives your Siri-like utility to non-iPhone 4s phone. This EVI, voice personal assistant application is advertised will give you any information from a simple ones to the advance ones.

EVI Voice App

Right now EVI can be utilized for Android or iOS based phone. And as for Android the application is offered for free, while it takes $0.99 to bring EVI to the iOS device, and it supports iPad, iPod touch and iPhone using iOS 4.0 and higher.

And according 9toMac the reason this app is priced $0.99 is to cover the cost for using Nuance voice recognition, the same name who brought Siri and Dragon GO!

Well many positive feedback have been binded to EVI, some even went far as saying the EVI delivers more accurate plus useful answer for certain types of queries. As a comparison, TechCrunch posed a question to both of these apps, when they were asked about "How do I make Apple pie". Siri responded to search the web for an answer. While EVI gave a list of recipes along with relevant links. However EVI is not yet able to integrate itself with Reminders and Calender like Siri.

Do you want watch EVI in action? Watch this Youtube Video then.

So it is your chance to have almost near Siri-functionality to your phone. If you are using iOS device, then grab it for $0.99 via iTunes link. For Android head over to Android Market place then.

Via 9toMac and TechCrunch.


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