Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nuance Dragon Go! Is Available On Android Market Now

Today is a happy news for Android users who wish to have a smart and intuitive voice recognition installed to their device. Because now in Android Market you can find Dragon Go! voice app which recently added by the leading software corporation Nuance.

The application simply works and does as it's advertised and instantly get you to the information using your the dictated commands or queries.

Aside from the mentioned goodness, you will get plenty of options from various sources of information each time you launch a question, because Dragon Go! will deliver you to the most relevant site along with complementary sites that are appeared on the carousel form in order to compare which is the most relevant with your need.
For example if you dictate to this app concerning "Show time for Girl With the Dragon Tattoo", it will immediately take you to Fandango.com with showtimes of your local theaters. Also a CarouselTM will appear pulling data from other sources from Twitter, IMDB, to give you more clue regarding the movie. Isn't that great?...Yes?

Now you'll get more times to enjoy yourself, let Dragon Go! do the search and brings you information within seconds.

However right now Dragon Go! only supports Android OS v 2.1 through 2.3.7 with native Android Media Player. As for Android ICS support is said to be included soon.

There is no a widget option to use, you need to firstly launch the app and then search. Also, it is not available worldwide yet. If your country is not supported yet, you can download the apk file from this MultiUpload link.

Visit Android Market, to get Dragon GO! right now.


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