Monday, January 16, 2012

3G Unrestrictor 5 Uses FaceTime, Watch Youtube Video, Play Online Games In 3G Connection

If you want to use FaceTimes, watch High quality Youtube videos or download big size apps on iTunes using 3G or EDGE or using other mobile connections, you can grab this iPhone app from Cydia, 3G Unrestrictor 5.

The name of this app is self explanatory, to which your 3G connection can be used to make FaceTime calls, watching high definition videos in Youtube plus you can select the video quality levels like low, medium or high quality.

The googies don't stop there, there are more, like with 3G Unresrtictor 5 you can also to download apps at size 20MB in Appstore, and then download Tv shows, music and podcast bigger than 200 mb in iTunes.
Cydia App 3G Unrestrictor 5

You are also be able to play online games with 3G connection, those Wifi restriction only is no more with 3G unrestrictor.

And you can do more activities now, and kick out the wifi restritctions you used to find and enjoy all the goodies offered by this amazing app.

3G Unrestrictor 5 App Demo

  • SBSettings toggle.
  • Works with almost all applications.
  • Able to detect when application is trying to detect whether they are on 3G
  • User friendly interface so you won't scratch your hair.
  • Supports iOS 5 and higher

Anyway to get 3G Unrestrictor 5:
  • If you have already the installed the previous version of this app, you can upgrade to this version 2.5-3 and it will cost you $0.99, but it won't be forever soon the upgrade price will be $1.99, so be quick!
  • And as for a new customer, you need to buy it for $3.99.
  • Launch Cydia and search the app under BigBoss repository.

Since this one an app listed in Cydia means that you need to jailbreak your iPhone first, therefore jailbreak your device with Redsn0w.


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