Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Samsung Thanks Apple For Its Lawsuit On Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung says "thank you Apple, because of your lawsuit Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 becomes popular in Australia. That's approximately what the Samsung Australia says regarding this joyful situation, instead of killing Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 popularity, Apple's lawsuit has made the tablet a "household name".

In case you don't know about the recent news between the two giant manufacturers battle in Australia, Apple's appeal to the High Court was rejected by Sydney court on Friday. The appeal is "Apple requested to halt the Galaxy Tab release in the country".

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The result of the rejection, Samsung will begin distributing their tablets in the country this week, to make them available in the Australia stores in the time of Christmas shopping session.

And Vodafone, as one of the Australia mobile's carriers have already taken pre-orders from those who want to get their hands on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1,

Gizmodo says that the tablet's price will be $579 for 16GB Wi-Fi version and as for Galaxy Tab version will cost $729, however there is no official confirmation from Samsung yet about the validity.


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