Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nokia Lumia 800 With Batman Logo: Limited Edition Handset

Nokia Lumia 800, Batman Logo

Nokia is reported to have unveiled the limited edition on their latest Lumia 800 on Wednesday, what makes this phone special is you will see on the rear part of it a Batman logo as promotion for the new Batman Dark Knight Rises film in the next year.

Beside the unique Batman Logo, you will find this limited edition device is packed with the same features as WP7 device in general. With black color, and when the device is turn on, a Bane wallpaper will be appearing with Batman Dark Knight Rise Live Tile.

Unfortunately -- as it's a limited edition -- only the lucky 40 people will get their hand on this 8MP phone, and it's also reported that there is no future plan from Nokia to produce the handset after this promotional event.

Credit photo Nokia Lumia 800 With Batman Logo: Johncoo.


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