Monday, November 29, 2010

Installing AppSync 4.2 On Jailbreaken iOS 4.2.1

For jailbreaken iOS 4.2.1 devices, now you can do the activity called installing .ipa files manually without needing iTunes involvement nor paying the Apple using AppSync 4.2, since AppSync means pacthing Mobile Installation on iOS, then you will have the ability to installed cracked apps with this.
AppSync 4.2

Installing AppSync 4.2 is simply the same with install AppSync 4.1 on iOS 4.1 which you can follow in the following below:

1. Launch "Cydia",
2. Tap on "Manage"
3. And then tap on "Source":
Cydia, Manage, Source

4. Hit "Edit" to "Add" the url source. Then drop this url, and then "Add Source"

Cydia, Add Source Hackulous

Cydia will do the automated steps in order to automatically update the source.

5. When it's finished. You can search for AppSync for OS 4.2., then install the app. Now you have the ability to install .ipa files manually on your iOS 4.2.1 iPhone!

Congratulation and see you again!


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