Monday, November 29, 2010

Android Protector App To Password Protects Your Personal Apps On Android Phone

Android protector app to password protects personal apps. Of course anyone, except you, can use your Android Phone for their own purpose as long as they don't mess with settings you have set, or closing the paths to accessing your private (secret files) data.

So how to do that? You can enjoy what Android Protector is offering to make sure the areas within your Android phone are inaccessible to anyone, but you of course.

Android Protector App

Android Protector is created intentionally to password protects to any applications you don't want people to get their eyes on, but it won't lock down your iPhone wholly. So your friends or kids can still use your Android Phone and enjoy the opened applications only, not those you have set it to be password protected. Since, Android Protector only protected applications based on a user-defined list using a simple PIN code.

After the app is installed, you can set your desired pin for the applications you think won't be proper if they're seen by your kids or your girl friends.

The app developer gives two options: one is free which means you can lock down the applications from outsiders but limited to only 10 apps, the developer is very generous because with such number, it's more than sufficient to lock something crucial such as: Gmail, Settings etc. But with premium option for $0.99, you will get the unlimited applications to lock. Interested?
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