Sunday, October 3, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Phones Will Be Launched On November 8

Microsoft is reported will launch their newest Windows Phone 7 for mobile phone devices in the upcoming weeks, people in UK will get their hands on the platform on October 21 and as for US, the mobile operating system is expected to arrive on November 8 just like I previously reported here and for the debut event for the new smartphone is scheduled to be on October 11.

Windows Phone 7

And AT&T is appointed to be the Windows Phone 7 exclusive carrier, as it's predicted before, as the return Microsoft will have AT&T marketing support for promotion. And on November 8 AT&T will be releasing Windows Phones 7 handsets from LG, Samsung and HTC.

Hope the Windows Phone 7 is a huge step up to the previously ugly WP 6.5.


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