Sunday, October 3, 2010

Now FolderEnhancer Is Available in the Cydia Store

With FolderEnhancer you are not just going to be able to create subfolders and pages of icon within the folders but able to move multiple icons in one single step and enhancing iOS folders and supports Compatible with IconoClasm and Icon Mover. The app has several useful options such as hiding the wallpaper and folder names, also disable animations. In overall, this app will make managing your iDevice simpler than before.

FolderEnhancer tweak

But unfortunately FolderEnhancer is not iOS 4.1 compatible yet. But the developer, Lance Fetters, promises he is currently working on it to make it compatible with iOS 4.1. This version only compatible with iOS 4.0 till 4.0.2.

FolderEnhancer features:
  • Open folders faster
  • Open folders in full screen
  • Supports Icon Pages
  • Enables Folders inside Folders (subfolders)
  • Works with Iconoclasm for custom layouts of your apps within the folder
  • Works with MultiIconMover which allows you to move multiple Icons at once.
  • Up to 300 icons to a folder [20 Pages, 16 per page, you do the math]
  • Works with gridlock! -New-
To use the FolderEnhancer you need to have a jailbroken iPhone, iPod or iPad first and it can be found in Cydia store for $1.99 USD, but if you are the CatergoriesSB owner you can have it for $0.99 USD only.


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