Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When Will Android ICS Come To HTC Device

When will Android ICS come to HTC device? As an HTC device owner, you might be wondering when will Android Ice Cream Sandwich reach your beloved HTC device. When it happens, no clue you have regarding the exact time of its coming.

As the result, you don't know when will your device's model get Android ICS. If that the case, you should read this post to find out whether your HTC device's model is listed among others who will taste the sweetness of Android ICS

But wait up, stop wondering. Simply point your eyes to the lower part of this post, there is a list explaining the time frame of ICS's coming to your HTC model and type. And I hope yours is on the list.

Android ICS List For HTC Devices

If your HTC model is listed means all you need to do now is waiting for the ICS to come!

Hope this post helps and see you again.


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