Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Create High Quality Photos From iPhone Videos

There is always a good and amazing apps stored in Apple App Store, their number is growing everyday. Surely people need to know what's the interesting and what's the best app for their device.

A good thing is a blogger like me can help, by promoting an app I consider is worthy to promote. One of which is StillShot for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 3G, iPod touch 4G and iPad.

Why this app deserves a promotion? This one for those who love to create a high quality picture or photos using their phone. Because with StillShot you can create high quality photos from videos stored within your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. And

Since almost everyone loves to have amazing photos by quality, therefore StillShot will naturally generate a lot of interest by iOs device users.

StillShot iPhone App

Once you have this app installed, you can start creating photos from your video. It will show what's made for when objects on the move, therefore you find it's hard to catch the moment. Then you are able to make a full resolution photo from the chosen video by loading the video first in order to analyze the frames one by one. This way you can pick up the best frame for you.

Becaise StillShot can extract the frames of the video, and the other good thing offered by it is keeping the original resolution of the video intact. Like resolution of iPhones 4s which is 1080p.

Are you interested to create a high quality photos from your iPhone's video? Then prepare your $0.99 to grab the app from App Store.

Download StillShot to create high quality photos from iOS device's videos. (requirement is iOS 4 or newer).


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