Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Download Men In Black 3 For Android And iOS Devices

Gameloft recently released Men In Black 3 game for both Android and iOS devices, surely this release are welcomed enthusiastically by Media and by both Android or iOS users.

Because who doesn't want to see Tomy Lee-Jones and Will Smith in action? let alone we control them in the effort to defend our earth from alien's threat.

You'll given a tough jobs, your responsible is wider in Men In Black 3. Because you as agent J or K (Smith and his partner Jones), will be running the MIB agency, in order to protect human using the provided gadgets or weapons from those vicious and unwanted aliens.

A side of that, you are responsible of your agents. Train them, then send them to certain missions in a real tactical battle.

Eager to play Men In Black 3? Download it based on your OS model.
  • Download Men In Black 3 for iOS via iTunes.
  • Download Men In Black 3 for Android via Google Play.


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