Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How To Customize iPhone Slide To Unlock (Lock Screen) With FaceSlideR

Want to know how to customize your iPhone's Slide To Unlock (Lock Screen)? But before it. Read this. There is a Cydia package I regard cool and amazing, namely FaceSlideR which is to customize our iOS device lock screen, and juggle it into very different look.

You can almost entirely alter the look and behavior of your "Slide to Unlock Text" into the imagination of yours. You can place your words into text to unlock or put an icon of your choice, whether from the icons that are already stored on your device, or take a picture and measure its size to match with the overall look of your slider.

FaceSlideR Cydia Tweak

The good thing about FaceSlideR is that you don't need computer, all can be done directly from your iPhone.

Features offered by FaceSlideR:
  • Use your Camera To Capture Pictures to use as SlideRs
  • Real Time image Processing Allows you to Edit your SlideRs till perfect!
  • Import Pictures from Your Camera Roll and Use them As SlideRs!
  • Save the Sliders you Create and Share them with Friends!
  • Change your Slide to Unlock Text -Right From FaceSlideR!
  • Add-on Packs allow you to Choose from Pre-made SlideRs!
  • Comes with Add-on "Tech Pack" Featuring Pre made SlideRs from Tech Sites and Dev Teams and more!
Currently FaceSlideR can be downloaded via MacCity repository, however it's not a free package, it costs $2.99 and an additional requirements to use it is iOS 4 or higher.


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