Monday, May 21, 2012

Google Mail Multi-Account Checker Notifies You For New Emails From 9 Gmails Accounts At Once

You and I have multiple Gmail accounts, no doubts about it, unless you hate Google and its Gmail then probably you don't own this very wonderful free email service and secure too.

And since we have multiple accounts, which means we often times have to log-out from one Gmail account and log-in to another. This situation can be tiring sometimes, especially you are an active email users. But there is a workaround for the said problem.

We can have all the Gmail accounts at one place using Google Mail Multi-Account Checker -- I mean not all but nine accounts at maximum -- and after you've installed the extension you can continue to fill all your nine Gmail accounts credentials on the provided forms. Using this extension you will have easy and fast access to all your nine Gmail accounts.

Opens 9 Gmails Account At Once

This is a good way to free up your computer from hundreds of MB of RAM usages and at the same time can monitor your emails traffics. By simply click the blue button on the top left of your Chrome browser with the existing number of new emails.

However Google Mail Multi-Account Checker stores the password and usernames in your browser, unfortunately written in plaintext. Thus make sure you are the only one that uses the computer and the browser. But I believe the developer will bring a fix for this one in the next version.

So are you interested to try this extension and get tired of opening the multiple tabs? You can install it from this link.


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