Monday, May 21, 2012

Enable Trim Support For Third Party SSD In Mac OS X Lion

If you are one of the Mac OS X Lion users who wants to add TRIM support for your third party SSD In Mac OS X Lion. You can see a free and handy utility, named TRIM Enabler to add support for TRIM for your third party SSD in Mac OS X Lion.

As you have known that the OX X Lion does not include TRIM support for all non Apple SSD. So this TRIM Enabler is your rescuer on this concern.

Trim Enabler

Once the application is downloaded and enabled, then Trim Enable will patch your OS X Lion systems to increase SSD performance.

You can download the TRIMEnabler from this link or visit the developer site here. It is in version 2.0b4 currently. Simply run the app to switch to ON mode to enable it and then fill your admin's password in order for SSD driver patching to get TRIM support for your third party SDD in Mac OS X Lion.

TrimEnabler can also be used to monitor your SSD drive condition, if there is something bad happens you will find solution for it and if you want to disable the app simply switch to OFF mode in its setting area.


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