Tuesday, April 10, 2012

FlashbackChecker To Check Trojan-Downloader FlashBack Trojan In Mac OS

Previously I posted a step by step guide to check whether your Mac OS infected by Flashback Trojan, the guide is a valid method to find out has the trojan infiltrated your system or not, like any other 600,000 Mac users -- the unlucky ones.

But there is easier way to find out the Trojan, instead of digging your Mac Terminal area, you can utilize a free app, namely FlashbackChecker, currently available for free in GitHub. As the name suggests, it's only check the existence of Flashback Trojan within your system, NOT remove it.

You will receive a report, once you have it installed to your system and then hit a provided big button to prompt user to check the infection. Just like in the following picture.

In case FlashbackChecker back with a report that your system is infected by FlashBack Trojan, then you can continue to F-Secure instructions to remove the Flashback's infection on your Mac OS system.

Download FlashbackChecker 1.0 app (Github site's link).

Support: Mac OS X 10.5 and higher.

So I hope this post helps you and see you again in another Technology posts.


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