Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Check And Remove FlashBack Trojan On Mac With Kaspersky Removal Software For Free

This is another Flashback trojan checker post, but this one adds more wanted ability which is to remove the malwarre as well. You might be asking yourself, who offers this wonderful? It's Kaspersky malware removal.

Since the invasion of Flashback trojan is so widely and has been managed to infect to hundred of thousands Mac users have made Kaspersky decided to take part of this battle. It's worth saying that currently there are 600,000 infections reported and the number is allegedly will be growing.


Therefore if you are wonder whether your Mac is infected or not, you can go to FlashBackCheck to find out. It will then check the Mac’s UUID of yours to be examined with a list of infected machines. And don't worry of showing your UDID, because it's completely safe, at least in this case. If your systems is infected with Flashback Trojan, then you will be offered a free trial version of Kaspersky removal tool.


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