Monday, April 16, 2012

Find My iPhone To Find Missing iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac

There is a free application named Find My iPhone that you can grab for free in App Store, this app will let you find your lost iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac. This app will allow you to use another iOS device in order to your iPhone and then protect your important data. Once you installed Find My iPhone on another iPhone, launch it, and fill your Apple ID. And then this smart app will start to locate your missing iPhone on a map.

Find My iPhone

We know that we are careless sometimes, therefore an application like this is created for such people. Albeit you are not careless, but having this useful application installed will not harm you at all, who knows you will need it in the future. And below is a list containing the features of Find My iPhone.

  • Locate your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac on a map

  • Display a message on the screen
  • Play a sound for two minutes at full volume (even if your device is set to silent)
  • Remotely lock your device

  • Remotely wipe your device to erase your personal data

This app must be enabled via the iCloud settings of your device in order to locate it with this app. Interested? Then grab this app via iTunes link.


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