Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Angry Birds Space Update With Ten New Levels And Free Space Eagles

Another update from the most famous iPhone app and exciting game, Angry Birds Space, this month as the company behinds this app, Rovio has pushed the update out with ten new levels and also pack of Eagles, 20 in total, that you will encounter after freeing them via cards you occurred for passing the levels that are not easy to conquer!

But there is an easier way provided by Rovio -- regarded as generous decision -- which you can get an additional free Space Eagle every day for free, but you are required to signing into the game every day too.

The ten levels of Angry Birds Space, called Fry Me to the Moon, to which you will face Angry Birds irreconcilable enemies; the Pigs. They will orbit the icy planets. You need to hit them with your ammunition. Those pigs will be orbiting the planets in constant motion, and you will take strategy, nerve and patience to "kick their butts".

Angry Birds Space
In this update, a fix given for bug found on the previous version like an app crash, which effect the application that's appearing right after the player launch it initially.

Apart from the said features and a fix, there is another good news for those who bought and already installed Angry Birds Space previous release, because you can swallow this update for free -- no charge at all.

But if this is your first time, you can buy the game application for $0.99 and grab the fun offered by it then enjoy the new experience to be out of our beloved world.

Angry Birds Space can be installed on iPhone, iPod Touch and also iPad and requires iOS 4.0 or newer. Interested with Angry Space Birds update? Then head to App Store to flash it to your iOS device (Current Size 15.9MB)!


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